The Difference Between ADUs, JADUs and Guest Houses


What is the difference between accessory dwelling units (ADUs), junior accessory dwelling unit (JADUs), and guest houses.

In terms of location, an accessory dwelling unit may be attached or detached from the main dwelling structure. A JADU or junior ADU must be created from within the footprint of an existing single family dwelling. A guest house is an accessory building to the main family dwelling unit and must have a permanent living area in it.

Regarding kitchens, an ADU you must have a full kitchen. A JADU must have a small kitchen but there are limits on how big appliances can be. A guest house cannot have a kitchen or a wet bar.

With respect to bathrooms, you must have a full bathroom in an ADU. A JADU has to have direct access to a bathroom, which an be either inside the JADU or in the main dwelling. A guest house can have a half or a full bathroom.

An ADU and JADU can both be rented, but a guest house cannot be rented or occupied separately from the main house.

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