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For those in the event planning business, little else is as essential to your planning process as obtaining the right permits at the right time. Los Angeles residents may or may not be aware that any time you plan a public or private event where liquor is going to be sold or served, a liquor permit may be required. Permit Place can help you receive liquor permits in Los Angeles fast, so your event can go off without a hitch!   Do I Need a Liquor Permit? If your event is taking place on public property that you’ve rented, such as a park or government-owned building, you will need to obtain a liquor permit from Los Angeles County stating that you are allowed to serve alcoholic beverages on the premises. The type of permit depends upon the number of people that are expected to be in attendance, whether your event is private, such as a wedding, or open to the public, and the duration of your event. Calling Permit Place to help you find out which liquor permit you may need, as well as assist you with obtaining it, is a great place to start! Let Permit Place handle the permits you need for liquor or other event-related items, so you can focus on planning the Los Angeles event of the year!   What Types of Liquor Permits are Needed in Los Angeles? A California Alcohol Permit or California Liquor License is something that is absolutely necessary for every bar, restaurant, or other establishment that serves alcoholic beverages to have. Not only does obtaining one of these licenses enable you to sell alcohol at your event, which can immensely boost your profits, but it also gives you the peace of mind that your event is 100 percent legitimate and that you are not exposing yourself or your organization to hefty fines associated with failure to comply with permitting laws in Los Angeles County.   While restaurants and bars qualify for the Type 41- beer and wine only or Type 47- beer, wine and hard liquor permits by being “bona fide eating places,” your event is likely temporary, meaning you would need to obtain the CUP, or Conditional Use Permit, to serve alcohol at your gathering. Permit Place can assist you with the process of obtaining the CUP quickly, as well as with any other permits you may need to get your event off the ground. If you need a fast liquor permit in Los Angeles, Permit Place is your one-stop permit shop!   Call Permit Place today at 877-277-4289 for more information about Los Angeles fast liquor permits. We want to help you make sure your upcoming event is a total success!

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