Why You Need a Feasibility Analysis – The Best Entitlement Service for Pre-Building Planning

If you are a project manager planning a new development, your first course of action should be a feasibility analysis. Also called a feasibility study, the feasibility analysis is just what it sounds like: an in-depth, unique study of all of the factors your plan is comprised of, as well as a detailed analysis of the logistics of each of the plan components. Each feasibility analysis is completely customized for the specific considerations of the project and assesses the viability of all aspects of your plan so that you can be aware of all the requirements, roadblocks, and restrictions associated with your new development. The Permit Place feasibility analysis is our one-of-a-kind approach to helping you plan your next project and sets us apart from the other companies specializing in entitlement services. Only Permit Place gives you a big-picture overview of everything you will need to take into consideration when planning your next project. Start your project off right with the best entitlement service you can get with a feasibility analysis from Permit Place!

What Does a Feasibility Analysis Include?

The Permit Place feasibility analysis is not a one-size-fits-all concept- because all projects have their own unique attributes, each feasibility analysis must be tailor-made to fit the specific needs of the plan. You can count on the following information to be included in just about every feasibility analysis Permit Place conducts, as well as additional project-specific information that varies from plan to plan.

  • Documentation of current zoning designation
  • Zoning analysis including list of permitted uses
  • Land use investigation
  • Community feedback regarding your planned development
  • Entitlement requirements
  • Review of previous/incomplete discretionary authorizations
  • Analysis of easements
  • Plan consistency review from CC&R

Why Do I Need a Feasibility Analysis Before Beginning This Project?

It’s best to be informed upfront about any restrictions, deadlines or other obstacles you will need to take into consideration while your project is under development. In some cases, zoning restrictions, disinterest or opposition from the community or non-allowance of the Use can throw cold water on a project before it even begins. With a feasibility analysis, you can have all the information you need to determine whether your planned development will be successful, or whether it might be best to choose another location or different design. A feasibility analysis from Permit Place could save you a considerable amount of time and resources before you begin work on your project.

With years of experience in entitlement services, Permit Place can help you get what you need for a successful project from start to finish. The Permit Place team has expertise in industries ranging from Federal to Township, so you know that you are in good hands no matter your needs. Permit Place is here to guide you through the entire planning process. Call 877-277-4289 today to get started with the best entitlement service you need for a successful, smooth project management experience!


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