Permit Place Announces San Francisco Expansion
Permit Place Announces San Francisco Expansion

Answering the rise of commercial construction and mixed-use space, Permit Place adds new San Francisco Office.


(LOS ANGELES, CA; January 5, 2016)— As commercial real estate developments in the northern California region grows at an exponential pace, Permit Place announces the opening of their new San Francisco office. Permit Place, the nation’s premier permit expediting, entitlements, and code consulting firm, challenges construction development teams in the northern California area to streamline the government relations component of their projects by using their project management service.


Populations are moving into metropolitan areas increasing the need for shopping, dining, and living spaces and in the Pacific Northwest regions rents are estimated to be as high as $67 per square foot. Development teams looking to fill that need often find themselves needing assistance managing the permit process through the local jurisdiction. Permit Place excels in managing permits through local government processes by providing single-points of contact on multiple projects in a given region.


“We’re excited about Northern California development opportunities,” Mike Robinson, Permit Place President, says of the recent expansion. Robinson cites the current rise of retail, restaurant, and mixed-use residential developments in Northern California as the reason Permit Place decided to open a San Francisco branch. In addition, projections in the hotel, office, and multi-family industries forecast Seattle, Denver, and Portland as hotbeds of construction.


This regional growth is a forerunner as commercial development steadily continues to recover nationally from the economic downturn. The exponential growth in the Pacific Northwest is not expected to slow down as legislation continues to evolve in Northern California, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado.


With over 11 years of experience from their Los Angeles headquarters, the San Francisco office is Permit Place’s third local office with Seattle acting as the sophomore branch. Over the past decade, relationships, economics, and governments have changed but Permit Place stands firm in what Robinson calls their “PEP”: people, experience, and process. “What makes us different than other firms is our experienced people, their experience, and our internal training process.”


About Permit Place: Permit Place is a Permit expediting, entitlement, and alcohol consulting firm for the office, retail, restaurant, hotel, industrial and multifamily industries. Helping building owners and managers through the cumbersome process of securing permits, entitlements and zoning services throughout North America.

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