Introduction to Los Angeles Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Permits

ADUs stand for Accessory Dwelling Units, which are small extra homes that you can build on your property in California. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about building an ADU in Los Angeles.


Who can build an ADU in LA?

Well, if you have a regular home, then you can usually build an ADU by either converting a garage, or building a new structure on your property. But, a main house has to exits on the property to have an accessory dwelling unit.


How far does an ADU need to be from the property line?


In the city of LA, your ADU needs to be a minimum four feet from the sides and back of your property. The front is not going to apply here because the ADU needs to be in the backyard.

If you’re converting an existing garage, the minimum distance rules may not apply, because the City can’t force you conform an established structure to these requirements.


ADU Parking Requirements


The City of Los Angeles will likely require one parking space per ADU bedroom. However, if you’re within half a mile of any public transportation stop, they cannot require that you add parking on your property. Also, if you’re converting your garage that has two parking spaces, the City of Los Angeles can’t require you to replace that parking.

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