San Jose Retail Permits: A Complete Guide

  In the City of San Jose, building permits for retail construction projects are reviewed and awarded by Development Services.  As with any jurisdiction, the City of San Jose has its own systems and processes for awarding permits, and the process varies by the location, size and complexity of your project.  Over the past 20 […]

Los Angeles Retail Permits: A Complete Guide

Building codes keep everyone safe and permits ensure everyone plays by the same, established rules. If you’re building out your new retail space, these rules will apply to you, whether in a mall, shopping plaza, or a standalone building. We’ve consolidated our decades of experience expediting the building permit process for new Los Angeles retail […]

What Goes On A Site Plan?

Even though there are 28,000 different interpretations of what should be on this very important portion of the plan review documents, providing the following items will get you through most building departments. North arrow Full Legal Description Tax parcel number Zoning designation Name of Owner Owner’s address and phone number Address of property if known […]

Good Contracts

Most states have laws that give material suppliers and workmen the right to file a lien on your property if they have not been paid. The laws vary from state to state but the damage is the same. You could lose your newly built or remodeled property because your contractor did not pay. Good contracts […]