Permit Service: A Love Story

A permit service does more than just run in your plans.

A permit service is a very efficient way to manage your next rollout.

As Business Development Manager for a Nationwide Permit Service firm, I understand the importance Customer Service plays to the growth and success of our business.  I was browsing the internet recently to look for examples  of great customer service I can share with my team and found a Facebook feed from back in January that really caught my attention.

A 7-year-old boy spent his Christmas money on a Lego Set.  After one of his characters went missing, the boy sent a letter to Lego asking if the company would replace the figurine.  Not only did Lego replace the lost toy, but a customer service representative responded promptly with a kind note and sent extra mini figures for the boy to enjoy.

When the note and toys arrived, the boy’s father was so excited to see the smile on his son’s face that he posted a tweet with an image of the company’s communication for all to see.  Well this tweet got the attention of the social sphere and the story went viral.  The Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and others covered the story.  Yahoo news even wrote “That’s how companies score lifelong customers.”

This simple Lego story is a great lesson I brought back to my team which is that when clients advocate on your behalf, it’s a powerful way to build business. See we all crave that extra reinforcement and that’s why social media plays such a vital role today.  One post or tweet can make or break a company in minutes.

Similar to Lego, our team at Permit Place receives dozens of customer requests a day for assistance with upcoming projects.  Our staff understands that in order to retain our clients we must provide great customer service.

How Permit Place permit service differs from the competition is that we are able to align our company culture with that of the client.  We also provide a consistent level of service.  We are able to persevere through difficulties.

We can help permit your project to success.  Contact us today at 818-786-8960.

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