5 Ways To Hack LADBS Plancheck Process

Getting plans approved by a city or municipality is always a painful process. The number pulling, the lines, the random crazy person who always insists on sitting next to you…I digress. For most, Los Angeles’ Department of Building and Safety is especially painstaking. In order to save you some heartache (and having to sit next to the crazy person-unless you are the crazy person at the city), here are 5 sure-fire ways to hack the plancheck process:

1. Bring correct number of sets of plans for each trade. Below are the amount of copies you need of plans for each trade

(3) Sets of Architectural Plans (One for building, One for Disabled Access, One for structural review)
(2) Sets of Mechanical Plans
(2) Sets of Electrical Plans
(2) Sets of Plumbing Plans

For Food Establishments
(3) Sets for Health Department
(1) Copy of Menu
(1) Sets of Cut Sheets or product spec sheets

2. Separate checks for each trade (you can pay with one check, but separate checks helps things go more smoothly) This may sound like overdoing it, but when you are at the city I guarantee you are going to want to leave as soon as you either: a) get approved or b) need to address the comments made by the plan checker.

3. Completed Applications for each trade. This one sounds obvious but it always the small details that kink up projects. Believe me, those city workers will look at the details!

4. Structural Calculations for building department. Most people assume this has already been done, however always make sure these kinds of details are set and ready for your city official. Not only will the city official like you, and you want them to like you, they will also respect the project you are doing.
5. If project is a food establishment, bring equipment specifications “Cut Sheets”. If you are a restaurant owner this part will be the most arduous because, as you go through this process a lot of specifications will change. Keep a keen eye on your equipment and you will be thanking yourself later for it!

Here are some other tidbits that help you hack the LADBS plancheck process:
• Address of project
•Owner’s information
• Project valuation
• Architectural Engineers Information
• Know if you want project expeditited
• Add extra 50% to plancheck fee
*For Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing input number of fixtures


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