Get Weekly Building Permit Information

If you are selling products or services to the construction industry, a great way of finding new leads for your business is to look at recently issued building permits and sell directly to the contractor or home owner. Permit Place can now offer you and your business a great new service to find new those […]

Shortening The Process

Many jurisdictions have special procedures for shortening the long wait to get a review started on your project. Make sure you ask what can be done to shorten the process. Do they have a system set up for paying overtime to get your project reviewed? Many jurisdictions will accept payment for speedy reviews in each […]

Allow No Work Until Permit Is Issued

Our newest client assumed there was no problem getting a building permit to put a sun deck on an existing home. ┬áIn order to save time on the project, which included a new six foot sliding glass door, the contractor installed the door prior to the building permit being applied for. Problem is the building […]

A Tip For All of Us

Remember, when working with government agencies, or anyone for that matter, all of us deserve to be treated with respect. The permit technicians at the counter are paid to be there to help you get your project submitted. Many times we get frustrated with the process, but, there is really nothing the counter technicians can […]

Make Sure Your Land Is Buildable

Here is the place for some real due diligence. Local zoning ordinances, shoreline regulations and storm water controls put in place by local jurisdictions to comply with state and federal requirements may make your project unbuildable on your particular piece of property. Before you sign any contracts with builders or manufactured home providers, be sure […]

Another Building Permit Tip!

Another reason for getting building permits when considering real estate transactions! Questions from our users!I am selling a home in MA in which a garage was conveted into an in-law apartment. A permit was never pulled by my father in-law. We purchased the home from him, and he has since passed away. We are now […]

Making It Easier

The first few times through the building permit process are most often totally confusing, frustrating and leaves many people wrongfully upset at the permit technicians who are trying to help them understand the process. Usually the unsuspecting applicant attempts to handle the process on their own after their plans have been completed and financing approved. […]

Solving The Permitting Maze

Most building permit approvals are held up because of incomplete submittals – there are a number of steps you can take to make sure that your submittal package is complete. It is very difficult for the average architect, contractor or homeowner to be on top of the requirements in each of the 28,000 jurisdictions across […]

More Submittal Roadblocks

Do not let your plans sit on a reviewers desk! If the reviewer has questions, and they usually do, make sure they have several ways to get hold of the contact person. Make sure your e-mail, cell phone, office phone and fax numbers can be easily found on the documents. Most review staff are absolutely […]

Permit Submittal Roadblocks

Do not forget you will need to put a complete code summary on your cover sheet when submitting your building permit application package. A client came to us last week for help because the reviewer would not begin the review process until the code summary was in the submittal documents. A complete set of documents […]