Yes! Up To One Year To Get A Building Permit!

A lot of jurisdictions are now taking up to a year or more to process a building project, especially if there are any land use issues, such as steep slopes, a stream or pond, or maybe a wetlands on the site.
Just a basic land use approval for a building project is typically 4-6 months in most parts of the country. It is not uncommon to take longer to process your permit than it does to build your project!Make sure to talk to us at Permit Place about your project and what you are proposing to build. We know the questions to ask to help you find out your permit approval timing. Our basic fee to investigate your property entitlements is usually $300-$400 depending on the information provided by you.

But, if you decide not to use Permit Place, and that is OK too, make sure to get hold of your local jurisdictions and talk to all the various departments that will be involved in granting approval for your project. Good Luck!

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