Why Use A Building Permit Expediting Firm

You want the building permit review process to go as quickly as possible. Delays in the building permit approval can cost thousands of dollars.

Architects are excellent at creative design and solving the code issues that are constantly changing.

Most design firms have to sort of feel their way through the permit process at each jurisdiction until they become familiar with it.

The secret is to use a permit expediter who already knows the process. They know the right questions to ask to clear up the confusion that always exist at a lot of building departments.

Virtually none of the schools of architecture have curriculum dealing with the model codes or with the fragmented permitting processes in the 28,000 different jurisdictions around the country.

We do not try to design buildings, but we do know how to get the permits through in the fastest possible way. We believe you should use an architect that specializes in your type of construction and building style. They are professional and will provide a quality design

They are not, however, taught how to go through the permitting process. They have to learn the process over time which could be at the expense of their clients.

We think you should ask your architect to recommend a good permitting expediter such as Permit Place. When you choose a recommended permitting consultant, you are maximizing your chances for earlier permit approval.

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