Site Plan Requirements

This is a list of typical requirements for a site plan submitted to most permitting jurisdictions:

  • North Arrow
  • Scale of drawing
  • Property lines defined and dimensions
  • Tax parcel number
  • Full legal description attach extra sheet if necessary
  • Address of property
  • Name of Owner
  • Identification of streets
  • Corner elevations
  • Location of easements
  • Location of driveway
  • Location of Utilities
  • Location of on site sewage disposal and wells
  • Location size and footprint of any existing structures
  • Setbacks from property lines
  • Roof overhangs
  • Location of proposed work clearly shown
  • Show fire hydrants if any
  • Show any natural features such as streams/wetlands/steep slopes
  • Two foot contour intervals

Some jurisdictions may require additional information. Ask Permit Place to research your jurisdiction for the site plan requirements.

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