Smart & Final Avoids Significant Delays in San Diego

Permit Place Adapts Quickly to Get Smart & Final Grocery Permits in San Diego, CA

In the dynamic field of construction and development, time and precision are of the essence. Permit Place recently undertook a challenging project for Smart & Final, a prominent grocery chain. 

The project involved a 4,975 square foot grocery store located in San Diego, CA, where our due diligence research and permitting experience with the city was put to the test.

Due Diligence Process

At Permit Place, our Due Diligence process is meticulously designed to preempt potential hurdles and streamline the permitting journey. For the Smart & Final project, this meant identifying key project contacts from the start, understanding the intricacies of submittal processes, and familiarizing ourselves with San Diego’s plan formatting, naming standards, and building codes.

Our comprehensive approach also included a deep dive into contractor requirements, departmental protocols, and fee structures. This groundwork is essential in navigating the complex layers of construction permits, which in this case included:

  • Building
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Health


Challenges Faced

Despite our thorough preparation, the project was not without its challenges. The City of San Diego’s occasional unresponsiveness threatened to derail our timeline, but our team’s persistence in regular follow-ups ensured that the review process stayed on track.

Additionally, we encountered a hiccup at the permit issuance phase due to contractor errors on some of the forms. Fortunately, our agility in correcting these errors minimized delays.

The project also required a third submittal, a decision made in consultation with the client to prioritize health approval, which inevitably extended our timeline.

Project Win

Originally, we estimated a 14-week turnaround for the approval process, but the contractor error and last minute health approval threatened to double this timeframe. However, our team successfully navigated these complexities and completed the project in just 20 weeks.

This outcome not only underscores our commitment to client preferences but also highlights our ability to adapt and efficiently manage unforeseen circumstances.

How We Help

Due Diligence

  • Fee and timeline estimates
  • Answers to important questions
  • Research into potential issues

Document Collation

  • Collect required documentation
  • Review form accuracy
  • Compile complete submittal packets

Plan Submittal

  • Attend plan check meetings
  • Fill out all paperwork
  • Manage receipts and fee payments

Comments & Corrections

  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Coordinate revisions with stakeholders
  • Resubmit permit packets

Ready to Issue

  • Final fee calculations
  • Contractor consulting
  • Final ready-to-issue paperwork

Schedule Time To Talk

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