J. Crew's Tampa, Florida Retail Permits

Tampa Retail Permit Approvals 3-Months Ahead of Schedule

When renowned retail chain J. Crew sought to expand its presence in Tampa, Florida, they were faced with the daunting task of obtaining the necessary permits for their 9,079 square foot retail space in a bustling shopping center.

This store is part of a multi-site rollout, but it required working through Tampa’s rigorous permitting process. For this reason, it J. Crew put its trust in Permit Place.


Florida is notorious for its stringent intake requirements for building permits, and the J. Crew project required five permits—Building, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, and Fire.

Meeting Florida’s exacting standards is not a mere checkbox activity; it demands an intimate understanding of state laws and precision in documentation.

At the outset of the project, we completed a full due diligence report to identify the key items that can affect a project’s schedule. We ensure upfront that we know:

  • Key project contacts
  • Plan formatting and naming standards.
  • Special seals required.
  • Submittal and form requirements.
  • Racking requirements.
  • Involved departments and corresponding submittal requirements.
  • AHJ codes.
  • Contractor requirements for issuance.
  • And more.

Armed with this information, we quality control the permit submittal application and flag any items that don’t satisfy the AHJ requirements. For example, incorrect codes on the cover sheet.

This quality control and submittal prep process enables us to sort out all the common causes of permit approval delays before the full application is submitted to the AHJ.

For J. Crew, because of our due diligence, our team was able to advise the project design team on the state’s sign/seal requirements—a potential roadblock that could lead to significant delays if not handled properly.

Project Win

Permit Place’s extensive experience in Tampa was evident in our efficient execution. Where most projects go through multiple rounds of reviews and revisions, J. Crew’s plans were approved in the first round.

But the real triumph was in the timing. The building department had estimated a review period considerably longer than what Permit Place achieved. The approval process took a mere 5 business days which is 4 weeks sooner than building department estimates and 3 months before J. Crew’s internal projections.

This remarkable efficiency did not go unnoticed. Both KCG and JLL, key stakeholders in the project, expressed their astonishment and appreciation for such a smooth 1st round approval.

Our achievement with J. Crew’s Tampa project underscores the importance of expertise in navigating the complex terrains of local permitting. 

How We Help

Due Diligence

  • Fee and timeline estimates
  • Answers to important questions
  • Research into potential issues

Document Collation

  • Collect required documentation
  • Review form accuracy
  • Compile complete submittal packets

Plan Submittal

  • Attend plan check meetings
  • Fill out all paperwork
  • Manage receipts and fee payments

Comments & Corrections

  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Coordinate revisions with stakeholders
  • Resubmit permit packets

Ready to Issue

  • Final fee calculations
  • Contractor consulting
  • Final ready-to-issue paperwork

Schedule Time To Talk

Let’s schedule 30 minutes to discuss your project and how Permit Place can help make the permit approval process easier.