Raising Cane's in Ceres, California

Raising Cane's in Ceres, California Gets Permit Approvals 3 Months Ahead of Schedule

Permit Place, a leading permit expediting firm, recently completed a successful project for Raising Cane’s, a popular restaurant chain. The project involved obtaining various permits for the ground-up construction of a new 3600 square foot restaurant in Ceres, California. 

Despite facing a range of challenges including a small building department and numerous “chefs in the kitchen” from the design team, our team managed to secure 1st Round approvals, halving the expected turnaround time from 6 months to just 3.

The Challenge

One of the key hurdles in this project was dealing with the small building department in Ceres. The jurisdiction was under-resourced, making it challenging to promptly obtain all necessary permits, including Building, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Fire, and Health. 

The situation was further complicated by the number of stakeholders from the design team weighing in on the plans and permit application. Navigating these hurdles while maintaining the project’s timeline and ensuring all necessary permit requirements were met, posed a significant challenge.

Project Highlights

Permit Place’s experience and commitment to exceptional service came into full play in overcoming these obstacles. Our team’s proactive approach and adept communication skills were crucial in engaging with the department representatives, fostering mutual understanding, and advancing the permit application process swiftly. 

The highlight of the project was obtaining 1st Round approval for all required permits. Not only did this demonstrate our extensive knowledge of local codes and regulations, it also marked a significant time-saving achievement for the client. 

What was initially projected as a six-month process was successfully reduced to just three. This quicker-than-expected approval process allowed Raising Cane’s to move forward with their construction plans ahead of schedule, bringing them one step closer to serving their mouth-watering chicken fingers to the residents of Ceres, California.

In conclusion, despite facing unique challenges, Permit Place showcased our adept project management and superior communication capabilities, delivering a successful permit expediting project for Raising Cane’s. Our firm’s ability to secure a 1st Round approval in half the estimated time exemplifies our commitment to client satisfaction and project efficiency.

How We Help

Due Diligence

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  • Research into potential issues

Document Collation

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  • Review form accuracy
  • Compile complete submittal packets

Plan Submittal

  • Attend plan check meetings
  • Fill out all paperwork
  • Manage receipts and fee payments

Comments & Corrections

  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Coordinate revisions with stakeholders
  • Resubmit permit packets

Ready to Issue

  • Final fee calculations
  • Contractor consulting
  • Final ready-to-issue paperwork

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