Full Due Diligence Reports

Permit Place Due Diligence Reports Answer

Land Use Zoning

Is the land you plan to develop zoned for your type of business? Are there limitations on how you intend to use it?

Alcohol Sales

Will an overconcentration of other alcohol-serving establishments or high crime rates stop you from getting a liquor license?

Permit Requirements

To accomplish the look, flow, and function detailed in your site plans, what permits will you be required to get?

Estimated Time Frames & Fees

Based on the required entitlements and permits, how long can you expect the process to take, and what will be the associated fee?

Additional Questions Answered

Other questions Permit Place site investigation reports answer are specific to the type of commercial building and its core function. Topics your report may cover include:

  • Complete zoning analysis, including a list of permitted uses.
  • Parking limitations.
  • State highway driveway access restrictions.
  • Setback, floor area ratios, height limitations, and density reviews.
  • Prior and pending discretionary approvals, including Planned Unit Developments (PUD’s), development agreements, conditional/special use permits, variances, zone changes, subdivisions, and street (ROW) dedications/vacations.
  • Easements and CC&R reviews of general/comprehensive plan consistency.

Our experts will make sure you go into a development project with your eyes wide open, helping you make the best decision for your business.

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