Del Amo Fashion Center Permitting

Get Retail Permits from Torrance, California

Del Amo Fashion Center is a bustling mall located in Torrance California. Retailers moving in will inevitably renovate their space, which will require permits from the City of Torrance Building and Safety Division.

The Torrance permit requirements and application forms can be confusing to those new to the process. If your initial application does not align with city code or is missing information, it will be sent back with comments and corrections. 

Each time you need to resubmit your plans can delay your permit approvals by weeks. This is where a permit expeditor like Permit Place can pay dividends.

Why Retailers Choose Permit Place

Del Amo Fashion Center Experience

Our team has worked with Del Amo Fashion Center retailers many times. We understand the available retail spaces and what’s required to get landlord signoff on permit applications.

Local Knowledge  

Torrance, California is located in our backyard. We thoroughly understand the city’s application process and have good relationships with city officials.

Delays Cost Money  

Each permit delay can cost weeks of revenue and profit. And, depending on your arrangement with Del Amo Fashion Center, you may need to start paying rent before you open.

Team Coordination

Our team will work directly with your contractors, architects and Del Amo tenant coordinators to correlate documents, advise on plans, and then interact with city officials.

How We Help

Our permit expediters, backed by our specialized team of experts, can proactively manage every step of the permitting process on your behalf.

City Requirement Research & Advising
Document Consolidation & Review
Plan Submittal
Comments & Corrections
Permit Approval

Torrance, California Success Story

Raising Cane’s saved more than 2 months thanks to a strategic permitting move derived from our understanding of Torrance’s permitting processes.

What Our Clients Say

In an industry where reputation and timeliness are the keys to success, it is critical to work with companies that I can trust to get the job done right. Permit Report is one of those companies.

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