Keeping Informed Saves Time

There is a lot of information you need to be aware of before taking that awesome adventure down to your local building department to submit your documents for that new kitchen.

Fortunately many of the 40,000 jurisdictions across the United States have a web site where you can get the information you need and help you to be prepared when you present your project drawings. Finding these websites is fairly simple.

Just type into your url address bar at the top of your browser screen for any city where xx is the 2 character abbreviation for the state you are inquiring about, or Then look under departments for the planning, building, public safety or public works departments to find the requirements that are listed.

The next best way is just go to links page and click on the state where your project is and then click on the city. It will take you direct to the building inspection departments in 2,400 cities across the U.S.

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