Getting the Right Answer

When you make inquiries at your local jurisdiction there may be times when you get differing answers.

It is up to you to sort it all out. Permit Place received a call from an internationally recognized contractor last month trying to do just that.

It seems two architects practicing in the Bay area of California talked to two different local permit technicians from the same jurisdiction. One agency supervisor gave one architect a note on his business card saying permits were not required for low voltage wiring in high rise buildings.

The second architect talked to the same jurisdiction by phone and the department supervisor said yes permits were required for new low voltage wiring.

When you get conflicting statements, sort it out by asking for copies of the state statute, local ordinance or building code edition that authorizes the requirement.

Remember too, that states and local jurisdictions do not always adopt all portions of the new codes. Many times specific chapters and or sections are exempted and not enforced. Make sure you know which amendments are valid in your state and local jurisdiction.

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