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Entitlement Services

Permit Place’s unique experience and background in BOTH the land use, planning, zoning and entitlement services process, as well as the permitting process, separates us from all other permit expediting companies.  

Permit Place has provided Entitlement services in many of our nations states in a variety of industries.  Please see our “Case Studies” for more specifics on what industries and where we have provided these services.

The Permit Place difference is that our focus is on communicating to you the nuances that may affect your project so that you know ahead of time what to expect from the upcoming local entitlement process.

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Get Ahead With a Feasibility Analysis from Permit Place

Our unique take on Entitlements is our Feasibility Analysis.  We investigate the land use, zoning or entitlements and community take on your project.  Our Feasibility Analysis documents the current zoning.  We take you through whether or not the Use is allowed outright and what the process will be to secure your entitlement.  For example, will this involve an Administrative or will a Public Hearing process be required?  We highlight timeframes, documents required and any site-specific issues such as whether or not there are special overlay issues, special districts or interim controls that may affect your entitlement picture.

This process is not a cookie-cutter process.  Each Feasibility Analysis lays out the specifics for your project.  The following is not an exhaustive list but gives you a good idea of what we include in our Feasibility Analysis:


  1. Determination of the current Zoning Designation
  2. Complete Zoning Analysis (including a list of permitted uses)
  3. Parking count analysis with code required parking districts,
  4. Setback, Floor Area Ratio’s, Height limitations, density review (based on an on-site inspection)
  5. In the case of vacant land or redevelopment situations, provide an entitlement summary of potential height, setback, density and parking limitations (based on information available on-site)
  6. Review of prior and pending discretionary approvals, including Planned Unit Developments (PUD’s), development agreements, conditional/special use permits, variances, zone changes, subdivisions and street (ROW) dedications/vacations.
  7. Review of easements and CC&R’s Review of General/Comprehensive Plan consistency


How We Help With Entitlement Services Around the Country

Zoning and land use research, Commercial Property Investigation reports, Feasibility Analyses, Tract Map and Final Map approvals.   Site plan approvals, CEQA, SEPA, Mitigated Negative Declarations, Conditional use permits, Alcohol Permits, Zoning ordinance appeals. Zoning ordinance variances, Text Amendments, Re-zoning, Architectural review approvals, Design Review Approvals, Master Land Use permits, Public Works and Transportation Approvals, Building Permits, Occupancy Permits, Land Disturbance permits, Building Codes Analysis, Early Start and Demolitions Permits, Demolition permits, Business licensing, Temporary Structures permits, Sign Permits and Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Permits, even Fire, Health and Special Event permits.


We Can Help You No Matter The Situation

entitlement servicesOur experience covers Federal, State, County, Borough, Municipal, and Township agencies as well as separate Fire Protection Districts, Tribal Lands, Historical Districts, Planning Districts, and Water/Soil Conservation Districts.

We regularly present to Architectural Review Boards, Flood Plain Administrators, Water Boards, Historic District Commissions, Administrative Hearings, Planning Commissions,  Township Boards, Zoning Board of Appeals, Building Code Board of Appeals, City and County Councils and Regional Boards.


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Wherever your geographic location, the size and scope of your project, you may have to obtain multiple approvals and permits from unfamiliar jurisdictions and departments.  We help you in obtaining all required entitlements and permits, from the beginning to the end of the process, communicating to you proactively, and persistently working with all permitting agencies. 

The Permit Place staff offers the geographic reach, insight, technical expertise, and communication skills needed to expedite your project. We help clients from project inception through to occupancy permits. With over 10 years of specialized entitlement, permit and development processing experience, we will help you obtain project approvals and achieve your goals.

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