Do I Need A Building Permit

“Do I Need A Building Permit?”  This is our most frequently asked question.

It is almost always asked in the vein of “Can I get away with not having a permit”

It will usually cause you a lot more trouble than you wanted if you try to get around the permit process. Hundreds of people get turned in every year for going around the process. This can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

The building department can require you to uncover the work you have done and demand you have the project engineered showing your construction complies with the current codes.

In Tacoma Washington last month a second story sundeck was filled with over 100 college students having a safe friendly barbeque. All of a sudden the deck collapsed under the weight of all the students. There was a fatality and many injuries. When the home address was checked by the building department, it revealed there had been no permit applied for to build the sundeck.

Can you imagine the wasted human life and tragedy and heartache because someone wanted to avoid a permit? Do yourself a favor and check with your local building department and keep everyone safe. If you need the phone number check on City Links

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