Commercial Land Use Permits

Land Use Permits

Land Use Permits are not that mysterious.  But if you have not been through the land use permit process before, it can get tricky.   It can be like learning a foreign language.  In order to understand this world, you may want to consult a professional civil engineer.  You will also want a land use permit consultant experienced with the processes in the local jurisdictions.

Why both?  An engineer may know all the technical details.  An experience land use permit consultant will know them as well but will focus on the process.  A land use permit consultant helps you walk through the process and helps get all parties on the same page.

Most large land use permits projects typically go through some type of environmental and land use review.  This is for the Federal level and it makes sure the project is in compliance with The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Process.

There are a lots of local ordinances, State and Federal laws that govern the use of any land that where you are contemplating building any commercial project.

If your project is near the water, then you are goverened by the 1970 Federal Clean Water Act or National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Act.

Have forest animals near you?  Then you may have the Endangered Species Act or State Forest Practices laws.

You may be governed by mandatory landscaping laws, if you are building within the last few years.  There may be permit after permit.  A myriad of issues dealing with sewer pretreatment, etc. etc. etc.

Let us help you with your project.  Permit Place can help get you through what could turn out to be an unwanted nightmare trying to deal with the issues.

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