How Contractors Got Your Back

You do not have to work with a contractor to get your project done but sometimes it is the prudent thing to do when you need to get a building permit. The permitting requirements across the nations 25,000 local jurisdictions vary so widely, that it creates an opportunity to get into a lot of expensive […]

What States Require Contractor Licensing

This question came in today from one of our users concerned about what states require contractor licensing. Yes I am from North Carolina and I have this talent for building homes. Do I have to obtain a contractor license to build homes or could I just obtain a permit to do so? Permit Place provides […]

Good Contracts

Most states have laws that give material suppliers and workmen the right to file a lien on your property if they have not been paid. The laws vary from state to state but the damage is the same. You could lose your newly built or remodeled property because your contractor did not pay. Good contracts […]

Choosing A Contractor

Are you planning to build a new home or remodel your current home? This is a major investment of your time and money and there are some things you can do to protect yourself from potential disaster. When choosing a contractor make sure to get references by talking to friends or colleagues that have had […]