What Does A Permit Expediter Do?

What is a permit expediter?

While you sit at the city or county, you see people wheeling in plans in carts.  They seem to know everyone.  They wave and laugh and call City employees by their first names.  Who are these people and why are they so popular.


Chances are you saw a permit expediter in action.  Permit Expediters are every day people that are seen towing rolls of plans and are useful to help get the plans into the city for development teams. When you begin the arduous process of permitting your projects, both small and large, you may want to use an permit expediter rather than submitting plans yourself.

Permit Place has put together to show permit expediters in action while giving you the information you need. In the video you will see:

-Permit Expediters attending Plan Check meetings

-Submit building, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing plans

-Visit the planning office

-Conduct plans review in-office

-Perform Status Updates

-Prepare building permit applications

-And much more!

If you want Permit Place to become your permit expediting team contact us today.

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