Do You Love Permits? February Newsletter

Do you love permits? Permit Place February Newsletter

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In this issue, you will find.

  1. Top Ten Los Angeles Restaurant Permitting Tips
  2. Restaurant Permits as our Featured Service
  3. 10% off of any project through the month of February
  4. Our employee of the month
  5. What we do

We love permits.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day…Yes, we love permits and we don’t care who knows.  Building Permits, Mechanical Permits, Electrical Permits, Restaurant Permits, Health Permits, Liquor Licenses, even Change Of Use Permits…we love ’em all.

We also love food and we love going out to eat at restaurants especially on Valentine’s Day.   So, our newsletter this month covers a lot about restaurant permits and all the lovely things involved with permitting restaurants.

Restaurant Permits – Our Featured Service of the Month

Our featured service this month is the good ‘ol Restaurant permit.  O.K. Let’s say you’ve got a great location, you sign the lease, you try to get your permits then WHAM!

The city says, “Hey!   Your previous use was a bookstore and now it’s a cafe?  Whoa, there partner.  You are going to have to file for a “CHANGE OF USE PERMIT!”  You ask them, “What the heck does that mean?  I want to just open a restaurant and serve Tofu-rkey Tetrazini.”  They say, “You run a restaurant?  Didn’t you read CAM 564.33?  You should KNOW!”

What’s a restaurant owner to do?…(Read more Featured Service – Restaurant Permits)

Los Angeles Restaurant Permit Tips

For those of you looking to build your restaurant in Los Angeles, there are a couple of things steps that you have to go through to make sure you get your permit on time.  First, you absolutely need to make sure…(Read more Los Angeles Restaurant Permit Tips)

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