Bathroom Requirements for Las Vegas Restaurants

Viva Las Vegas! Famed for its dazzling array of lights, constant, non-stop entertainment and grand, over-the-top decor, Las Vegas has shed its “Sin City” reputation of yore and earned its rightful place as a choice destination for everyday people and the social elite alike. The sumptuous dining options are no exception to Vegas’ posh 21st century makeover- famed restaurateurs and celebrity chefs are flocking to the desert oasis to open chic eateries that feature some of the most innovative culinary delights in the world. As with any other location, however, there are certain rules and codes Las Vegas restaurant owners must adhere to, including regulations pertaining to the availability, location and cleanliness standards of restrooms. Restaurants must comply with the following Bathroom Requirements for Las Vegas Restaurants in order to earn the privilege of operating in one of the most exciting and lucrative tourist destinations on Earth.

Location of restrooms. According to the guidelines set in place by the Nevada Board of Health, employee restrooms cannot be adjacent to kitchen area. If your restaurant has a private restroom designated for employee use only, it must not open directly into the kitchen. This regulation is in place to prevent the spread of airborne bacteria into the food preparation area, and is referred to as “air balance.”

Quantity and quality of restroom facilities. Each restaurant with a liquor license must have at least one men’s and one women’s restroom. The size of each restroom and quantity of stalls is determined by the overall seating capacity of the restaurant, but it is required that the men’s restroom have at least one urinal regardless of the size of the venue. Once again, air balance comes into play, with the requirement that any restroom doors that open directly into the main dining area be tight-fitting to prevent the airborne spread of bacteria.

Cleanliness is a must. Each state requires consistent, regular checks for maintenance and cleanliness in restaurant restrooms, and Nevada is no exception. As a restaurant owner, it is your duty to make sure that constant checks on the cleanliness and upkeep of the restrooms are being performed, and that any issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

By being in the know about the rules and regulations involved with owning and operating a successful Las Vegas restaurant, you can stay a step ahead of the competition and ensure that your customers will enjoy their dining experience and pass along positive reviews about your establishment. By staying abreast of health code Bathroom Requirements for Las Vegas Restaurants, you can be sure that you are adhering to the compliance standards that are put in place to guarantee a safe, healthy and enjoyable experience for all.

Bathroom Requirements for Las Vegas Restaurants

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