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Permit Expediting

At the heart of Permit Place is permit expediting. We have over a decade of experience throughout North America (US and Canada) and can push through projects in even the most difficult jurisdictions. We are communicative, efficient, and effective. Permit Place guides and advises you in the development and permit process so you can get open quickly and efficiently and start making money.  


Entitlements can make the difference in being able to enjoy to full benefit and use of your property.  Each jurisdiction has specific zoning and uses for land, and Permit Place can help you arrive at the entitled rights you need for your project. We attend zoning administrator and staff level meetings, we represent your interests and fight for your rights by leveraging our relationships and knowledge of the codes, and get your approvals.  This holistic approach to project management puts your mind at ease while getting your project ready for the opening day.

Alcohol Permitting

Permit Place navigates the complex political process for the different types of alcohol and liquor licensing for restaurants, hotels, grocery and convenience stores.  We are specialists in beer and wine permits and bona fide eating establishments as well as retail off-site establishments. We help you choose the type of license, prepare your application, attend hearings on your behalf, and get your alcohol permits and liquor licenses for you.

Knowledge Base

Permit Place has completed over 7,500 projects and over 25,000 research requests over the last 10 years.  We have captured all of this experience in an extensive knowledge base containing permit expediting, code consulting, and entitlements requirements, documents, fee and more nation-wide. We provide our knowledge and to those that work with us and lets you open your stores on time and on budget.

Site Investigation

Permit Place leverages our knowledge base to help you answer due diligence and site investigation reports.  These reports understands you must have all the information for your project prior to applying for permits and entitlements.  We will do the homework for you! Thorough and in-depth analysis conducted by our researchers is then catalogued in an easy-to-read way which will help you get the full picture of your project requirements.

Public Hearing

Public hearings can be a NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) dominated, high-stakes and nerve-racking process for professionals just wanting to get their project approved. Permit Place has a professional experienced team that understands not only those nuances for the specific neighborhood but also the codes associated with that neighborhood. We will represent your interests and help get your approval.



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What Does A Permit Expediter Do?

What is a permit expediter?

While you sit at the city or county, you see people wheeling in plans in carts.  They seem to know everyone.  They wave and laugh and call City employees by their first names.  Who are these people and why are they so popular.   [embed][/embed] Chances are you saw a permit expediter in action.  Permit Expediters are every day people that are seen towing rolls of plans and are useful to help get the plans into the city for development teams. When you begin the arduous process of permitting your projects, both small and large, you may want to use an permit expediter rather than submitting plans yourself. Permit Place has put together to show permit expediters in action while giving you the information you need. In the video you will see:

-Permit Expediters attending Plan Check meetings

-Submit building, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing plans

-Visit the planning office

-Conduct plans review in-office

-Perform Status Updates

-Prepare building permit applications

-And much more!

If you want Permit Place to become your permit expediting team contact us today.

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