Wyoming Permit, Building Code and Licensing Information

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Wyoming Permit, Building Code and Licensing Information

State Website http://www.state.wy.us
State Licensing Contractor licensing (except electrical) is not done by the state of Wyoming. Rather, the optionto license contractors is deferred to the local jurisdiction where the construction activity is to take place.
State Code The State of Wyoming has adopted the 2006 International Building Code (IBC), the 2006 International Residential Code (IRC), the 2006 International Fire Code (IFC), the 2006 International Mechanical Code (IMC), the 2006 International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC), the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC), and the 2006 International Existing Building Code (IEBC).
State Licensing Division http://wyofire.state.wy.us/electricalsafety/examinationandlicensing.html


State Fire Marshall http://wyofire.state.wy.us/index.html
State Environmental Permit http://deq.state.wy.us/
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