Allow No Work Until Permit Is Issued

Our newest client assumed there was no problem getting a building permit to put a sun deck on an existing home. ┬áIn order to save time on the project, which included a new six foot sliding glass door, the contractor installed the door prior to the building permit being applied for. Problem is the building […]

Another Building Permit Tip!

Another reason for getting building permits when considering real estate transactions! Questions from our users!I am selling a home in MA in which a garage was conveted into an in-law apartment. A permit was never pulled by my father in-law. We purchased the home from him, and he has since passed away. We are now […]

What Goes On A Site Plan?

Even though there are 28,000 different interpretations of what should be on this very important portion of the plan review documents, providing the following items will get you through most building departments. North arrow Full Legal Description Tax parcel number Zoning designation Name of Owner Owner’s address and phone number Address of property if known […]

Staying Out Of Trouble

Be careful before you start a remodeling project. Make sure to check with your local building department, an architect, a reliable contractor or Permit Place to find out if a building permit is required. Having a code enforcement officer write you a citation for failure to apply for a building permit can be embarrassing and […]