Courteous and Cooperative Permit Service

Courteous and Cooperative Permit Service

Courteous and cooperative permit service.  It’s not too much to ask.   The old adage, “you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar” is just as true today in the real estate development world as it was back in Grandpa’s time.

It is easy to forget when we enter a city for a plan check meeting that the people behind the counter actually do want to be doing their job.

By the time we see them they are usually tired, stretched thin, and maybe even a little grumpy. It’s hard when we feel like we are not being listened to, to remember the folks telling us “no,” are actually human beings that would like to approve projects. Here at Permit Place we use the “3 C’s” when going to the city: Courteous, curious, and cooperative.

Courteous. This may be a tricky one, especially if we feel like the city isn’t being courteous to us. This paradox of being nice to someone who maybe isn’t being very patient with you, is key to success when at the city. The more courteous you are the more likely they will be to want to work with you.

Curious. The plancheckers at cities rarely do something without a reason and being curious about the process can help clue you in. The people checking the plans have a wealth of knowledge and usually are pretty willing to share it, if you just ask. Also, this can help you in the long run if you  know a particular area likes things done a certain way. Stay curious and you will be more than satisfied with the results.

Cooperative. This feeds back into courteous. Being cooperative can really make a difference to a tired and overworked government employee. You will be the one making a difference in their day, and they are guaranteed to remember you in a positive way!

Be courteous, curious and cooperative.  Treating the permit counter staff with mutual respect will go a long way toward processing your submittal in a timely manner.

Do not assume everything is taken care of.  Ask lots of questions and make sure you get a time commitment for completion.

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