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Building Permit Data Samples

Building Permit Data Samples

Click on the links below to find samples of Permit Place's building permit data reports.  These reports are delivered on a weekly basis with detailed information on each building permit issued within a specific metropolitan area. 

Permit Data reports provide more than single building permit leads. We also offer a report on the specific metropolitan areas so that you can see the most active contractors or top builders for both the residential and commercial sectors. 

All building permit data can be obtained in CSV or Excel format.  You can also customize your weekly reports to send only the building permit information that is valuable to you. 

 Arizona  Idaho
 Phoenix building permits  Southern Idaho
 Tucson building permits  
 Western Montana
 Santa Barbara building permits  
 San Luis Obispo building permits  
 Central San Joaquin Valley  Nevada
 Kern county and Bakersfield building permits  Las Vegas building permits
 Los Angeles City and County building permits  
 North San Joaquin Valley  Oregon
 Orange County building permits  Portland building permits 
 Riverside County  Vancouver building permits
 Sacramento Valley  Utah
 San Bernardino  Northern Utah
 San Diego  Southwestern Utah
 Ventura County  Wasatch Front
 Colorado  Washington
 Colorado Springs building permits  Spokane building permits
 Denver building permits  Seattle building permits
 Northern Colorado  

Download a building permit report sample and if you have any questions contact our office at 818-786-8960 for immediate assistance.  Permit Place will show you how building permit data can increase sales for your business.

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