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Building Permit Data Lists and Leads

Get your building permit construction data lists and leads.

Building permits are one of the best construction lead sources available in the construction supply and finance industries.  Take advantage of building permit leads and market to potential clientele before construction has even begun.

Permit Place collects information from every newly issued building permit in various coverage areas.  The report includes project details, as well as contact information for the homeowner, architect, and contractor.

Follow the links below to find out how to take advantage of building permit data to increase sales opportunities.

Building Permit Areas Covered Building Permit Areas Covered
What areas are covered?  We cover Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. We also cover specific metropolitan areas.  Take a look to see if your areas fall into one or more of the 45 metropolitan areas where Permit Place Construction Monitor publishes reports.

Building Permit Report Samples Building Permit Data Samples
What does the data look like? Download our weekly building permit report and see how simple it is to contact prospects and increase sales.  Take advantage of PDF, CSV, or Excel format building permit reports.
Nationwide Building Permit Corporate Data Services

We offer custom data services to tailor the data to your needs.  Contact us today to tell us more about what permit data you need.

Act now and reach your customer at the exact time they are thinking about ordering your product or tservice!

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